World Chilli Alliance takes part in the Cheese and Chilli Festival in Winchester

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World Chilli Alliance joined the Cheese and Chilli Festival held in Winchester from 17thto 18thAugust 2019.

This festival is the only recurring event in the UK which commemorates cheese and chilli together in a food show organized in four different locations around the country: Christchurch, Swidon, Guildford and Winchester.

With the aim of discovering chilli pepper-themed festivals around the world, Cheese and Chilli Festival was a good opportunity to get in touch with small and medium chilli companies, chilli and chilli-based products producers, chilli farms, artists active in the creation of works portraying chilli, passionate chefs and chilli lovers.

Thanks to a kind invitation to take part in the festival, the Office Director Mario Zamprotta had the opportunity to meet with Simon Stewart, Director and Event Organizer of the festival, who provided a detailed introduction of the event and who showed his interest in being involved in the upcoming initiatives of World Chilli Alliance in China, with special reference to the World Chilli Festival in 2020.

The Cheese and Chilli Festival offers a friendly and good atmosphere to all those people interested in experiencing some of the most incredible and interesting hot taste of UK: chilli sauces, chilli powders, chilli jams and relishes, chilli oils with different heat index and fascinating pairings with various types of cheese.

Every time we happen to talk about chilli, we find that common feeling of sharing the same passion for this spice which, regardless of where you come from, manages to embrace individuals from all over the world.

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