The World Chilli Award is a project launched by World Chilli Alliance with the aim of giving all participants the opportunity to exhibit their own spicy product(s). These will be evaluated in a tasting competition performed by a panel of experts involved in the chilli industry, chefs, and food professionals.


Winners are determined on the basis of the judges’ evaluation of products and will be listed on the WCA official website and promoted through our social media platforms. Winning participants will receive the World Chilli Award and their product(s) which came out on top will be advertised in all chilli-related events carried out or co-organized by WCA. 

The award contains the following information:

Name of the Participant: Individual/Business

Product Name

Product Category: oil, sauce, pickled product, seasoning, etc.

Product placement in award 

Judges’ Evaluation: comments on product’s appearance, aroma, taste by itself, taste paired with food. 

Three places are reserved for winning products:

First Chilli Prize

Second Chilli Prize

Third Chilli Prize

Every award winner will receive:

  • a certificate of achievement relating to the award grade;
  • an exclusive promotion of the winning product(s) on our official social media channels and during events organized and co-organized by the World Chilli Alliance;
  • a listing in the World Chilli Award database on our official website;
  • World Chilli Award logo to be used in all promotional materials for better promoting your chilli-based product(s);
  • a dedicated post in the World Chilli Alliance newsletter with pictures of the winning product(s).

Results will be ready 2 weeks after the judges’ assessment (on the basis of the quantity of the received  products to judge, it may take longer) and will be communicated by e-mail to all competitors. 

Participants who won’t be selected as winners can choose to receive the World Chilli Analysis Report (WCAR) of their product(s), the price of which is [not decided yet]. It can be a good opportunity for individual and business recipients to know the reason(s) of the defeat and to find new solutions to improve their product(s). 


To take part in the competition you will:

- submit your registration through online application, filling in the form and sending it by email to “ad-hoc-email” (worldchilliaward@worldchillialliance.com);

- ship your products to: Blue Ocean Financial Center 9-9. Building 2, Qiaobeiyuan Road Jiangbei District, Chongqing, China (please make sure to have carefully sealed the package, we won’t take any responsibility for damages arising during shipping);

- pay entries fee (to participate send us at least 4 products. NOTE: Gold Chilli Members have 5 free entries granted; Silver Chilli Members have 3 free entries granted; Bronze Chilli Members have 1 free entry granted);

- homemade products are not allowed. All entries need to be manufactured in the proper way according to the food safety standard procedures. Those products which do not comply with procedures will be automatically disqualified, with no refund, from the competition.

- In order to be admitted to the contest, all products have to be sent with their relevant printed entry form.

For any question or information about the World Chilli Award, please email worldchilliaward@worldchillialliance.com


World Chilli Award Application Form

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