The WCA’s headquarters are located in Rome (Italy) and the Executive Committee office is based in Chongqing (People’s Republic of China).


The World Chilli Alliance is coordinated by the Executive Committee, its highest governing body in charge of the overallplanning of the Alliance’s strategy and development. It is headed by the Secretary General and the Office Manager, who are appointed every five years by the Executive Committee.

The other two bodies of the World Chilli Alliance are the Global Council and the General Assembly.

The Global Council is the consultative body of the World Chilli Alliance and comprises a group of people elected by the Executive Committee. Among its members, the Council includes the Country Representatives and the leaders of each category of individual members (Chilli Master, Chilli Producer, Chilli Chef and Chilli Lover) who act as spokesman of the World Chilli Alliance in their respective area.


National Offices, under theguidelines of the Executive Committee, enjoy their own autonomy and are established with the aim of coordinating and supporting the activities carried out by the various “Chilli Communities”. 


“Chilli Communities” are groups of chilli’s stakeholders officially recognized by the World Chilli Alliance, which organize chilli-related events in cities and places around the world.

“World Chilli Alliance Member” - each joining member is part of a “Chilli Community” and can also get involved individually with projects and activities organized at international,national and local levels.
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