The World Chilli Alliance organizes, among the other projects and along with the activities carried out locally by the Chilli Communities, two main events yearly. These events are focused on its entire international network:

World Chilli Festival - a borderless journey along the world's 'spicy' traditions and encounters, with the organization of a wide range of initiatives: product exhibitions, tastings, professional seminars, cooking shows, and much more.

World Chilli Summit - an international conference aimed at contributing to the development of more sustainable solutions within the entire supply chain of chilli and chilli-based products. With the participation of industrial experts, civil societies’ delegates and representatives from both public and private sectors, it represents the ideal platform for chilli stakeholders to voice out their suggestions, goals and concerns while raising the world’s awareness.

Chilli News - A regular update about chilli-related stories and recipes, together with news regarding events and projects carried out by the world chilli alliance with its network all over the world.

Chilli Explora - a world tour aimed at bringing our Chilli members together to explore some of the most interesting chilli farms and chilli-related businesses which are inspired to our same mission of “environment”, “cooperation”, “community”, “simplicity”, and “fun”.

Local activities - a series of events such as seminars, spicy gatherings, food tastings, cooking, farm and company visits, scientific dialogues, art exhibitions, and much more to keep our community involved with our mission! 

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