Spicy Tiramisu Class-Demo at YanShe Hot Pot Restaurant

date:2019-06-30 views:1900

Another local event was organized by World Chilli Alliance on 29th June in Chongqing.

A Tiramisù Class-Demo was held atYanShe Hot Pot Restaurantin cooperation withDeZhuang International. Tiramisù is considered one of the best desserts to be served during summer, but, as for this event, a special ingredient was added to the traditional recipe adding spicy heat to the no-bake Italian cake.

The spicy ingredient, main character of this event, was a chilli pepper commonly used inSichuan Cuisineand calledFacing Heaven Pepper, or Heaven Pepper (in Chinese 朝天椒 cháotiānjiāo ). In this case the chilli pepper has been powdered and then mixed with other main ingredients, such as coffee and cocoa.

Each participant took part in the preparation, making their own dessert with the level of spiciness desired. Therefore, a wide range of different spicy tiramisù was provided at the end of the event, showing a higher tolerance to spicy food by some of the local people which attended the event. 

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